I know, you won’t be shocked to hear that the National Minimum Wage (NMW) is increasing next year. What might shock you is that this increase will be largest we have seen!

From 1 April 2024:

21 years old and over: £11.44 per hour (increase of £1.02)
18 – 20 years old: £8.60 per hour (increase of £1.11)
16 – 17 years old: £6.40 per hour (increase of £1.12)
Those that pay an accommodation offset will see a rise to £9.99 per day, which is an increase of .89p.

This means that, if someone works 40 hours per week and are over 21 years old, their annual salary on minimum wage will be approx. £21,964.80, before tax.

The NMW can be complicated to calculate, with certain deductions and requirements (such as, a requirement for a worker to purchase specific items of uniform or clothing), will reduce a workers pay for the purpose of calculating national minimum wage.

Therefore, if you need any help with navigating the NMW, please let us know.