The Vento Guidelines give ranges for injury to feelings awards in discrimination cases, depending on severity.

In respect of claims presented on or after 6 April 2023, the Vento bands are:

  • The lowest band – this will be for the least serious cases, such as where the discriminatory act is a one-off:  £1,100 to £11,200
  • The middle band – serious cases, but ones where an award in the highest band would not be appropriate:  £11,200 to £33,700
  • The highest band- these are the most serious cases, such as where there has been a lengthy campaign of discrimination which has a profound effect on the victim:  £33,700 to £56,200

If you are concerned about a potential discrimination claim and associated costs, or would like further advice and information in respect of the steps your business should take to prevent and address discrimination at work, please contact us to find out more.