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What is menopause?

Menopause is when estrogen levels fall, and menstrual periods stop. This usually takes place between the ages of 45- 55; however, this can happen earlier. Menopause is reached when no menstrual period has occurred for 12 months. 

How to support employees through menopause?

Understand the symptoms

You can support your employees by understanding the symptoms of menopause. Symptoms such as anxiety, mood swings, brain fog, hot flushes, problems with memory and concentration all can have a significant impact on daily life. Around 8 in 10 women will have symptoms before and after their periods stop and symptoms can vary in intensity within different people. 

Support open conversations

Line managers should be encouraged to talk about menopause with their team. This helps normalise the topic and supports those who will be affected by the symptoms. Some employees may not feel comfortable discussing the topic, it is important to suggest an alternative such as private check ins with a mental health first aider or a support service. 

Menopause policy 

A menopause specific policy will provide extra support to employees. It can outline training for managers and equip them with the skills to providing better help. A policy can also help identify where support can be accessed. 

Promote flexibility and be prepared to make changes

Employers should consider making changes to help support an employee, such as working from home days were possible, and allowing time off for appointments. In addition, considering performance issues or absence that maybe as a result of symptoms will provide extra flexibility in order to support employees.

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